Matthew Parks

Research Interests: 
Systematics, phylogenomics, and the exploration of evolutionary history.
About Me: 

I defended my PhD dissertation, titled Plastome Phylogenomics in the Genus Pinus in May of 2012. I am curently doing post-doctoral work at Griffiths University.

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Relevant Publications: 

Parks M, Cronn R, Liston A. 2009. Increasing phylogenetic resolution at low taxonomic levels using massively parallel sequencing of chloroplast genomes. BMC Biology, 7:84.

Parks M, Liston A, Cronn R. 2010. Meeting the Challenges of Non-Referenced Genome Assembly from Short-Read Seqeunce Data. Acta Horticulturae (ISHS), 859:323-332.

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Parks M, Liston A, Cronn R. 2011. Newly Developed Primers for Complete ycf1 Amplification in Pinus (Pinaceae) Chloroplasts with Possible Family-Wide Utility. Am. J. Bot.:in press.

Straub, S.C.K., M. Fishbein, T. Livshultz, Z. Foster, M. Parks, K. Weitemier, R.C. Cronn, A. Liston. 2011. Building a model: Developing genomic resources for common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) with low coverage genome sequencing. BMC Genomics 12:211.

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Next-generation sequencing for plant systematics. In review.

Cronn, R., Knaus, B., Liston, A., Maughan, J., Parks, M., Syring, J., and Udall, J. Simplifying the Complex: Targeted Sequencing Strategies for Population, Phylogenetic and Genomic Studies in Plants. In review.